was established in January of 2000 as a place for collectors to buy, sell, and trade Blotter Art online. It was started and operated by the late Paul Guest.

Paul began with a small Blotter Art collection of around 10 pieces. While small it contained many special pieces including a piece personalized by Dr. Timothy Leary in 1995.

Paul bought and sold Blotter Art over the years and continued growing his collection and later began producing his own blotter art in the UK. Paul produced tens of thousands of sheets in his life and was well respected within the community, he sadly passed away in 2021. Paul's contributions significantly grew and shaped the blotter art scene.

We dedicate the continuation of this website to Paul Guest, Thom Lyttle, and Adam Stanhope, whose remarkable contributions helped shape the blotter art community.

Shopping With Us:

We sell a mixture of original old-school (un-dosed) blotter art sheet seen through-out the years and all of our newly realised sheets still being produced using those classic traditional methods.

As well as the ability to Design & Print Custom Blotter Art

We also offer blotter keyrings, t-shirts, posters, notebooks and other psychedelic themed goods.

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