About Blotterart.co.uk

Blotterart.co.uk was started in 2000 by Paul Guest who operated the site until his death in September 2021

Paul had been collecting and selling Mark McCloud's Blotter Art designs on Ebay for about a year prior to starting Blotterart.co.uk

In 1994 psychedelic author Thom Lyttle had the great idea to have some sheets of vanity Blotter Art made, which he got signed by the psychedelic pioneers, including Albert Hofmann, Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, Alexander Shulgin etc. 

Shortly after meeting Thom online in 2001, Paul arranged to go to his home in Miami where he purchased much of Thom's Lyttle's signed Blotter Art collection from him.

The remainder was bought by Adam Stanhope the following year.  Thom and Paul became good friends over the following years, with Thom coming to London to stay at his for a couple of weeks.

Thom also wrote many books and magazine articles which helped to promote blotter art in it's early days. Sadly Thom Lyttle passed away in 2008, but the articles he wrote documenting the early Blotter Art scene which can still be found on the internet. 

In 2010 just as the blotter art scene started to really take off, Paul began producing blotter art the same way it had been made since the early 1970's

In his life Paul produced tens of thousands of sheets for the community and for private dealers and customers.

Over the years Paul donated many signed and unsigned sheets of Blotter Art which helped to raise over $50,000 for charities and individuals in need. Paul strongly supported non-profits MAPS and Erowid.

Since the early days, Blotterart.co.uk has been offering the largest selection of highest quality Blotter Art in the world! 

The continuation of this website pays homage to Paul Guest, Thom Lyttle, and Adam Stanhope, whose contributions significantly shaped the blotter art scene.