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Midnight Gospel 3D Print (AP #8/10) by Overdosed Art Blotter Art

Midnight Gospel 3D Print (AP #8/10) by Overdosed Art Blotter Art

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Midnight Gospel Blotter Art by Overdosed

A  truly unique print by psychedelic artist Russ Holmes (Overdosed Art)

A thing of rare beauty, this print is created with multiple layers of different ink to have an incredible 3D effect when wearing the provided glasses

A truly amazing experience that cannot be fully captured in photos.

a 1 of 10 proof print created by the artist in 2020.

This artwork was produced in 2020 by: Russ Holmes.
Signed, Dated, Numbered & Doodled on front: AP# 8/10

Do not miss the rare opportunity to own this amazing piece.

Perf: 1200 Perforated Squares (0.25" x 0.25" per sq) 
Sheet Size: 7.5 x 10 inch
Paper: 250 GSM blotting paper.
Ink: Layered ink for 3D effect.

All our sheets are undosed. - please keep it that way!

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